The History of Lindy’s Landing

In the mid-1960’s, after falling in love with the town of Wauconda and Bangs Lake, Bob “Lindy” Lindstrom decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning his own lakeside bar and marina. So in 1965 Lindy bought Farman’s, a rickety old boathouse and marina and realized his dream – he called it Lindy’s Landing.

Over the next few years Lindy’s Landing became known as a family destination to swim, picnic, boat and fish. In those days the business was seasonal, only open Memorial Day through Labor Day. Neighboring beaches, known at the time as Phil’s Beach and Honey Hill Beach, were also seasonal.

The 70’s

By the 1970’s Lindy’s Landing was flourishing so it began operating all year round. Over the next few years there were multiple building upgrades and renovations. More space was added along with more bar stools and tables for the customers. Lindy’s Landing began selling burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and chili. The menu options were few, but the ingredients were fresh and homemade.

As the bar and grill continued to grow in popularity so did the marina. On most summer days you would find Lindy himself sitting on a picnic table with his black lab “Old Blue”. They happily greeted customers who lined up early in the morning to launch their boats on Bangs Lake. It was a simpler time. The focus of the business was on families coming to the beach to swim and picnic. Customers would pay a per-person fee, parking fee for their car, and an additional charge if they had a boat to launch. All-in-all a family of four with a boat to launch could spend the entire day at Lindy’s Landing for as little as $15 – $35.

2000 and Beyond

Lindy passed away suddenly in 2000. Wanting to keep the legacy of Lindy’s Landing alive, the family decided to keep the business going. With the help of many of Lindy’s own family and friends, Lindy’s Landing continues to flourish and grow to this day!

What you see today is the vision Lindy had before he passed. The vision is currently being carried on beautifully by his family. The motivation behind improvements was to restore the resort-style atmosphere of years gone by and continue to provide access for the public to enjoy Bangs Lake. This vision enabled Lindy’s Landing to become a full-service restaurant and private marina with multiple venues and a location unmatched by other resort-style restaurants in the area.

Three generations and more than 50 years later, Lindy’s Landing is still going strong. Lindy’s three daughters still own the business but it is his granddaughter, Brittany Barth, who since 2001, continues to manage the day-to-day operations as V.P. & General Manager.

It is now her vision and ongoing commitment to the legacy of her grandfather Robert “Lindy” Lindstrom, that will keep his spirit alive for future generations.